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For writers and content creators worldwide, the toughest part of generating income from their work is to attract readers. The incalculable number of online publications creates fierce competition which a new author will find daunting to come up against when trying to start making money from their hard work.  Some opt to create content using YouTube videos and others to write blogs, news articles or develop expertise in a specific area and sharing it to the world. Yet, the amount of exposure they receive is far below their expectation.

Some author follow a last resort and make use of spam to generate traffic, but ultimately with the state of the internet this could be counterproductive and devalue the quality of the web page it is pointing to.

Overwhelmingly, these author surrender their dreams due to the necessity of having to pay the expenses of a project that could require tremendous amounts of time and resources.

To help assist all authors, Used It Myself has developed a business model to help boost direct traffic. Using the form below, any author will be able to self-publish their article or YouTube link for free which will in return provide a direct permanent link to a web page.

Used It Myself even supports affiliate links and all links are do-follow. That means that our affiliate marketing program will work on generating free traffic to your blog or video. You can start using our service immediately, simply complete the online form below and upload your article. Our team will verify your do-follow backlink and in less than 48 hours your post will become available and start generating free traffic.

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